About Ukifi

How it Works

Ukifi sits under the two low strings (E and A), muting them.  This leaves the DGBE strings - This is exactly a fifth away from the conventional ukulele gCEA.  All the ukulele chords you've learnt will play on the ukified guitar, only in a different key.  Or, place a capo on the 5th fret to get the same key (only linear, not re-entrant).

Designed to be played

Careful selection of materials and design to effectively mute the E and A strings without impacting on play-ability.

Enhance your playing options

Ukifi gives a new way of playing your guitar, with new opportunities for expression.

Speed up transition to guitar

Learning to play the guitar from the ukulele can be a little daunting - Ukifi allows the student to get immediate results, while helping in the transition to the wider fret-board and deeper tone. 





Works with all types of guitar and playing styles 

Ukifi is compatible with all types of guitar and all playing styles.  It works really well with electric! 

What does it sound like?

Here's some recording of Benjamin, a Ukulele student playing Ukified guitar for the first time. First a small piece on ukulele, then acoustic and finally electric guitar.